A doula is a woman who provides critical support before, during and after childbirth. Unlike a doctor, midwife or nurse, she is not a medical practitioner. Instead, her job is to focus entirely on the non-clinical side of things. There are two kinds of doulas: birth and postpartum. Some women hire both, some just hire one, depending on individual needs.

During labor, birth doulas provide around-the-clock care, comfort measures such as breathing, relaxation, massage and positioning, and an objective, calm perspective. They also help educate families about their options during labor, guide partners to participate with confidence and at their own comfort levels, and serve as a liaison between the laboring mother and her medical professional.

Postpartum doulas, on the other hand, make life easier for the new mother and family in the first weeks after childbirth. In addition to providing emotional support, they offer advice on newborn care and infant feeding. They can also lend a hand with siblings, cooking, laundry and helping your household to feel more organized.

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